Managing PowerDNS with cPanel

How I manage PowerDNS in a Linux environment using cPanel’s Zone editor. After 20+ years of using bind, I switched to PowerDNS, due to the lower memory requirements and convenience of a GUI to manage the zone records. I use cPanel’s zone editor to manage Configuration Files The default configuration files can be found here:

Removing Wordfence

Today I cleaned up from a sloppy Wordfence un-install In comparing Security Plug-ins, i tried out WordFence and All-in-one WordPress Security (AIOWPS). In the end I decided to use AIOWPS and uninstall WordFence. A word of advice. I just de-activated and deleted the Wordfence plug-in. This left behind remnants and did not completely remove the

Already out of date!

My new websites went live this week, now I need to upgrade critical packages. Last week I went live with a new WordPress Website. It was built with the latest releases supported by cPanel 88, MySQL 5 and CentOS 7. Now, I will have to do a major upgrade to CentOS 8 and MySQL 8.

Migrating to WordPress

Converting a website from static pages to WordPress, a content management system (CMS) The two sites that I manage are the World Wide Foreign Travel Club and My Village Club.  Before migration, the two sites were made up of static pages and are maintained using Web Page Maker. This software was last updated in 2014. In early 2017, I started


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